Caroline County is Fed-Up

August 31, 2017

Residents of Caroline County are Fed-Up with the way that Heroin and other drugs have overtaken their county. On August 31st, on the National Overdose Awareness day Mid-Shore Restoring HOPE in Women led the 2nd Annual Fed-Up Rally in Denton Maryland on August 31st.

In 2016 only Baltimore City had more overdoses per capita than Caroline County. As one of the smallest county on Maryland’s Eastern Shore resources are slim. They are the only county on the Shore that doesn’t have a hospital withing their boundaries. Recovery Beds are in short supply.

Mark Mitsch and his mother Cathy Bowrey share a moment during the rally

Mark Mitsch, his mother Cathy Bowrey and a faithful group of volunteers organized the event. Mitsch struggled with drugs and more recently Heroin for 20 years. He is now in his 4th year of recovery and hope that the path to recovery for others will be easier than his, with more help and resources available.

Speaking at the event were people of all walks of life dealing with Heroin and addiction. Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Judicial System, Service Providers and Recovering Addicts.

Caroline County Delegates, 36th District Jeff Ghrist and 37th District John Mautz, spoke that the government, under the state of emergency declared by Governor Hogan, is doing what it can. They do see that more needs to be done. (Video of Jeff Ghrist speaking at the Rally on our Facebook Page)

Caroline County Warden Ruth Colburn gave a fiery speech, not as an official but as a private citizen, saying that we can’t sit around waiting for results. We need to get out and help find the answers to get results.

Some of the most emotional talks came from the recovering addicts themselves. They told their stories and doing their part to help. But in many eyes the sigma attached to recovery is a huge burden.

For more information on Mid-Shore Restoring HOPE in Women visit their facebook page at

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Slideshow of Photos from the Fed-Up Rally in Denton on August 31, 2017. Photographs by SG Atkinson

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